Antonio Diodato performance
The winner of the 70th edition of Sanremo Antonio Diodato has prepared an exclusive performance for Europe Week. Be sure not to miss it on Sunday 10 May at 21:00!
Diodato’s career is tightly linked to Sanremo. In 2014, he took part in the 64th Sanremo Festival in the Newcomer category with the song ‘Babilonia’, where he came in second place. In December 2017 he won the Critic’s Choice at the 68th Sanremo Festival with Roy Paci and the song Adesso. He was back again as a guest of Ghemon in 2019 and of course Diodato won the 70th Sanremo Festival with the song Fai Rumore, a song that has now topped the Italian charts.
Diodato was scheduled to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, before it was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.