Opening of the Social Crafts Garage in Saranda – CAUSE

Once an asset of organised crime in Saranda, today thanks to the EU support, Social Crafting Garage Saranda is opened. This social enterprise will employ eight women and girls who have been victims of organised crime and domestic violence. They are being prepared to work on stone design through professional training. Furthermore, Social Crafting Garage Saranda will serve as a platform organizing social activities and will be transformed into a social center that supports victims of trafficking so they can be integrated into their daily lives and continue their work without problems.

“We encourage the Albanian Government to facilitate the social use of confiscated assets and to make the process more efficient. We need many more projects like the EU funded projects in Fier, Durrës and Saranda. To give back to society what was stolen by organised crime,” said EU Ambassador Soreca.

After KeBuono Pastiçeri Sociale in Fier and KinFolk Coffee Library in Durrës, this is the third project the EU is funding, together with Partners Albania for Change and Development, in premises confiscated from organised crime.